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Molding Kit for Grill/Grillz

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Custom Grillz Mold Kit

Equipment Provided:

  • 2 Bags with Molding Agents
  • 1 (or 2) Tray(s) (For Top and/or Bottom)
  • Plastic Bag


1.) Take the Green and White putty and mix together. (Tear Putty Bag for Easier Access to Putty)

2.) Mix together for 15 seconds until the entire putty is green.

3.) Place the putty into the tray quickly before it hardens 

4.) Quickly place the putty-and-tray mix into your mouth, bite hard, and keep in place until the impression forms

5.) After you bite all the way down lift your gums up OR down and use your fingers to push the oozing putty into your gums. Most Important for us is being able to see your GUM LINE!

* Open your mouth wide, place the mouthpiece correctly under your teeth, and bite hard into the mouthpiece. Hold for 3 minutes. (Until it Hardens)

6.) Place the Mold with the tray back into the plastic bag and please write on the plastic bag if it is a Top OR Bottom grill.

7.) Take the molds to your local U.S. Post Office and return it to the address that the package came in.

*Please note, this mold kit it is free with the purchase of any of our custom grillz. So, if you purchase the custom grillz first, you will automatically  receive this kit at no extra charge. Otherwise, you can get started by purchasing the kit first, you make your teeth impression, mail it back, then you purchase your custom grillz.

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