Moissanite Cuban Chain, Cuban Chain, Moissanite Jewelry, Fine Jewelry
Moissanite Cuban Chain, Cuban Chain, Moissanite Jewelry, Fine Jewelry


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Alfonso Evans and Mark Martin, the driving forces behind The Real Jewelry Company, share a milestone moment with NFL great Chad Johnson in Miami. We had the honor of personally delivering our signature Baguette Infinity Cross Bracelet to the Bengals Ring of Honor All-Pro Wide Receiver. Chad Johnson expressed his admiration for our innovative approach to educating consumers about fine jewelry. His encouragement fuels our commitment to redefine luxury and make a lasting impact in the industry. A defining snapshot of our journey to build a multi-million dollar brand committed to ethical practices and consumer education.

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The Real Jewelry Company

In the bustling heart of Norfolk, VA, The Real Jewelry Company shines as a beacon of unyielding excellence and trailblazing representation in an industry where only 2.4% of jewelers are black-owned. Founded by a dedicated Navy veteran, Alfonso Evans—also known as Zoe Tha Jeweler—the company's mission transcends the allure of sparkling lab-grown diamonds and precious gemstones. It illuminates the vast economic disparity where black consumers pump a staggering $70 billion more into clothing and accessories than any other racial or ethnic group, yet find limited reflection of themselves in the corridors of ownership. With a passion for ethical luxury, financial literacy, and social responsibility, The Real Jewelry Company isn't just a brand—it's a movement. A movement inspiring a new generation of young African-American entrepreneurs to challenge norms, shatter ceilings, and own their piece of the dazzling pie that is the jewelry industry.


Capturing a pivotal moment at InvestFest hosted by Earn Your Leisure, where The Real Jewelry Company had the incredible opportunity to showcase our innovative business model in front of 20,000 attendees. We took center stage to educate the crowd about the intricate art of jewelry-making and gemstone identification, elevating consumer awareness in our unique way. The event also served as a networking hotspot, bringing us in contact with other dynamic black-owned businesses.

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