• Is Moissanite a fake diamond?
    • No Moissanite is not a “fake” diamond. There is no such thing as a fake diamond, all gemstones have a name. Even lab created diamonds are not fake because they have the same chemical and physical properties as a natural mined diamond.  Cubic Zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide.  Moissanite is comprised of silicon carbide and is its own gemstone.


  • Does Moissanite ring as a diamond on a diamond tester?
    • Yes, Moissanite will ring as a diamond on a standard handheld diamond tester. Those testers are using thermal technology to determine what type of stone it is. Moissanite and Diamonds share the same thermal properties which is why it rings as a diamond.  There are other handheld testers available that will test stones for moissanite and also jewelry stores have special machines to test stones as well.


  • What type of metal do you use in your jewelry?
    • At The Real Jewelry Company, we use all precious metals for our jewelry. Precious metals include silver, gold, platinum, and rhodium. Our Moissanite Jewelry is made with 925 Silver and then finished in in 14k gold or rhodium or solid gold as indicated in the product description. Our diamond jewelry is made with solid gold only.


  • Can my jewelry get wet?
    • The general rule regarding can you wear gold in the shower is to try to avoid it, especially on a frequent basis. Traditionally, and what is most advised, is that your gold jewelry should always be kept dry and stored properly. It’s not the water itself that has all the potential to cause damage, but shower gels, colognes, natural oils, perfumes, and other cleaning products that are used in the shower could be harmful.


  • What is the return policy?
    • The Real Jewelry Company DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR ISSUE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON other than for items damaged on delivery. All of our items are made to order to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship is put into our jewelry. Please ensure you order the correct sizing for your items or email us at info@therealjewelrycompany.com if you have any questions about sizing. 


  • What is the normal processing time?
    • Each order delivery time will vary with the products that are order. 2-3 weeks is the average for processing orders and shipping but this is subject to change.



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