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The Iconic Cuban Chain

The Iconic Cuban Chain - The Real Jewelry Company

You’ve probably gazed upon that versatile gold link chain hanging around the neck of DJ Khaled and said “Oh, that chain necklace looks pretty cool for a cool dude.”

Yes, we all know what type of chain necklace that is. It’s the iconic Cuban link chain. The redeeming best of all necklace chain types when it comes to looking versatile and stylish. 

Well, not just DJ Khaled, almost all hip hop artists and rappers are seen to have been wearing this iconic one-in-a-kind link chain. The design is just top-notch, meant to outclass any other in a modern setting. 

Come 2022 and the Cuban necklace has just become even more appealing. In this blog, let’s take a look at this interesting piece of jewelry that has won the hearts of most men who love to represent class and style. 

Off we go!

What is a Cuban link chain?

There isn’t much of a pattern difference when you see a Cuban link chain and other cable chain types. But there is a significant difference once you know what uniquely highlights a Cuban link. The Cuban chain is a subtle variant of the normal cable chains that you get to buy in any jewelry store. In these types of chain necklaces, the links are featured in an oval shape. They are tightly and closely knit together and represent a rope-like pattern. 

The difference between Cuban and Curb link chains

Some people tend to get confused with the curb chain to be a Cuban link chain. But in truth, the two are totally different necklace chain types. The Cuban necklace has a much rounder, bolder, and thicker look compared to that of the curb link chain. The curb chain has a thinner frame and a flatter wall. The next classification comes in terms of the weight of both types of chain necklaces. A 10k gold Cuban link chain that has measurements of 10 mm and 26” inches, weighs approximately 200 grams. A curb link chain of the same measurements will weigh only 70 grams. You see the massive difference in both necklace chain types. So people who like a heavier necklace will naturally find the gold Cuban link chain appealing.

Origin of the Cuban link chain

You should have probably heard of the Cuban link to be addressed as the Miami link chain. There’s a reason for that. It’s because these necklace chain types originated in Miami out of a rapid movement in the early ’70s. The hip-hop jewelry movement which was gaining attention at the time in Miami eventually gave way to the Cuban necklace that we see today. Today you can spot custom Cuban chains across the necks of many hip hop artists and other fashion enthusiasts.  

Why is the Cuban link growing in popularity?

There are so many types of chain necklaces in the modern fashion world but very few like the gold Cuban link chain have a place of their own. You don’t have to think beyond the normal scope of thought to understand why it’s so. Although other curb and cable chains also give a strong and endearing look, the Cuban link upholds the rank because of its cultural relevance. On top of that, the sleek and fine design of these necklace chain types is what gives them the appeal. 

It fits into the bill if you’re having a modern outlook, owing to the huge celebrity following that this chain has. You’re also going to benefit from Cuban necklaces if you have a traditional outlook. The traditional aspect of the gold Cuban link chain is much evident in this twisty cable-like design of the chain. That’s why the Cuban chain is growing in popularity even though the initial breakthrough was in the year 2012. 

Another prominent reason is the ability of these types of chain necklaces to fit any type of fashion wear. Whether you are wearing a casual T-shirt or a Blazer, they complement the tonality of the costume. It also complements well when you have other gold chains layered with it. All these reasons give way to the massive appeal that the Cuban link chain draws towards it. 

Types of Cuban chain necklaces

You will find these types of Cuban necklaces in the current jewelry scenario. 

  • 10k gold Cuban link chain 
  • 14k gold Cuban link chain
  • Gold plated Cuban chain
  • Gold-filled Cuban link
  • Sterling Silver Cuban necklace
  • Diamond Cuban Chain
  • Moissanite Cuban Chain

You can choose your personal favorite Cuban necklace according to your choice. 

Style it your own way!

Another plus point of using the gold Cuban link chain is that you can style it the way you want. You don’t necessarily have to wear it plainly. You can showcase pendants of any sort to add some contrast to the Cuban link chain. The pendants can also represent something that showcases your identity. That’s why hip hop artists and rappers use particular pendants with their Cuban necklaces. You can also choose the size, weight, and thickness of your choice, thus optimizing your look for a given setting. For a casual setting, you might prefer more of a shorter Cuban link compared to when you go for events and showtimes. 

You can also glamorize your gold Cuban link chain with diamonds engraved into the rope-like pattern of the chain. These diamond-studded gold Cuban necklaces are highly attractive and fashionable. The current trends have spotted several celebrities keen on this fashion regime. Pave diamonds are a good choice for this kind of setting. 

Enjoy this trend in style!

The legacy of the Cuban necklace is evolving every day. It’s a trend that never looks to settle. That’s why you can customize your jewelry collections with these iconic necklace chain types. You can also find Miami Cuban link chains that are affordable for everyday use. The durability and strength of these cable chains are up to the mark that they will not break down or tear apart. 

The Real Jewelry Company will get the Cuban link chain for you. Just fill a form on our website and let us know the specific type of Cuban necklace you’re looking for will get back to you.