Is my jewelry safe to get wet?? - The Real Jewelry Company

Is my jewelry safe to get wet??

Is my jewelry safe to get wet?? - The Real Jewelry Company

Jewelry can be durable depending on the materials used to create it. Most jewelry is composed of different kinds of metal, which means it's essential to know what's in your favorite pieces before you take them for a swim.

While some metals can go in the water and get wet without too much concern for rust and corrosion, other types are more prone to natural decaying over time. This factor is why you need to know what metal is in the chains, rings, earrings, and bracelets you wear daily. When you see what's in your jewelry, you'll learn how to handle it around water. 

To know how to deal with this kind of decay, it is essential to understand different types of gold and other common metals that are found in jewelry. The answers to this question tend to be a little different for each of these metals. 

Let's take a look at each type to learn how you should handle your favorite metal jewelry. Then, we'll show you some of our favorite water-safe chains and other accessories you can wear daily.


Which Kinds of Metals Can Get Wet and Which Can't?

Every metal is different. Each type is often composed of very different substances on a molecular level, and all of these substances react differently to water. Some tend to oxidize and lose their color, while others rust and have adverse reactions.

Still, some metals are just fine in water. Some metal jewelry pieces may even have a protective coating that allows them to retain their appearance even after water contact. There is no one simple answer to whether your jewelry should get wet. Still, it's helpful to know which ones you can feel free to adventure with and which kinds you should be a little more cautious about.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a common jewelry material. Its luscious silver color has long been lauded as exciting and versatile. Its look provides a luxurious feel jewelry-wearers have enjoyed for centuries. But can it get wet?

Generally speaking, sterling silver is safe in the water but should be handled very intentionally. Over time, prolonged exposure to water will likely lead to oxidation, which produces a tarnish over the metal that darkens it and makes it less vibrant.

It's generally better to avoid wearing sterling silver jewelry when you're in highly chemical water, like a pool. Those chemicals will often accelerate the oxidation process. Long story short, it's okay if sterling silver jewelry comes in contact with water briefly, but extended periods of exposure aren't the best idea.

Solid Gold 

Your gold is valuable, so it's critical to know whether or not it can get wet. When it comes to solid gold, it tends to react to water favorably. 

On its own, pure 24k gold does not rust. So when a piece of jewelry contains pure gold, it is generally acceptable to have the gold in the water. 

In most cases, you should be fine to have solid gold in the water, and it shouldn't have too many problems, as long as you take care of it and occasionally wipe it off with a jewelry cleaning cloth. Take care not to wear it during too many hot showers, though, as that can diminish its luster. 


Gold-plated jewelry differs with each jewelry retailer. Some use only a thin layer of gold that can wear off and react to water poorly with oxidation and tarnishing. When it comes to reputable jewelers, gold-plated jewelry can fare in the water just fine. 

At The Real, we use high-quality materials, so you have the most durable jewelry for everyday wear. Our pieces contain 14 or 18-karat plated gold coated in a waterproof covering, which means that our jewelry will often fare better than other kinds of jewelry in wet conditions. 

Premium 316L Stainless Steel

This is one of the most popular metals that we use in our Anti-Tarnish jewelry collection. This kind of stainless steel's ability to keep corrosion and decay at bay makes it incredibly durable and look incredibly beautiful and luxurious. It reacts well to water, even with chemicals present. In short, you don't have to wonder whether or not this kind of metal will work for you. 


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